Ethiopian High School Formal

Bring your friends, meet new people and have fun.

Dinner, Dancing and More!




Ethiopian High Schoolers coming together to meet each other, have fun and support their roots. We hope this event contributes to building a stronger sense of community and our Ethiopian heritage.     



 All profits from this event will go to Wegene Ethiopian Foundation, an organization that helps disadvantaged children and their families in Ethiopia.    

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When & Where

Saturday, March 9, 2019 

7pm - 11pm 

Reston Community Center*

2310 Colt's Neck Road, Reston VA 20191

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*This event is not sponsored by the Reston Community Center, its Board of Governors or staff.



All tickets must be purchased in advance, $35 per person.  

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You STILL Have Questions???


Why are you doing this?

There are so many High Schoolers with an Ethiopian heritage in DC, Maryland and Virginia so we need an opportunity to get to know one another that isn’t the family wedding, graduation or christening - an activity just for High Schoolers.

Do I have to wear a tuxedo or ball gown? 

NO, but this is a formal so look your best, dress to impress, and definitely no jeans!

I’ve already graduated from High School, can I be there? 

Sorry, you’ll have to put together your own party.

I am not yet in High School but would like to come, can I? 

Nope, but, hopefully, there will be a party like this every year so you can come when you are in High School.

I’m not that good with Ethiopian food, will there be anything else? 

Even though we love Ethiopian food, we will have other choices, but you need to get better at eating the best food in the world!

Do I have to know how to dance ISKISTA?

Of course, so start practicing (but seriously, there will be lots of other great music that isn’t Ethiopian).

I’m a little shy, what will I do there?

We have lots of fun activities planned so just come and we will take care of the rest.

$35 per ticket is quite a lot, why is it so expensive?

Think about all the money you would spend for a night at the movies… for $35 you get an evening of dinner, dancing and more in a beautiful place with lots of interesting people, plus all the profits go to supporting Wegene. Need we say more??? 

How DO you "do ethiopian"????


HEY YOU!!! Want to win a $200 gift card???

You can at the Ethiopian High School Formal!


All you have to do is submit an entry that shows how you 


And YOU could WIN a $200 gift card! 

EVERYONE who enters gets a $5 Apple Gift Card

Send us a picture, video, story…. anything you want, that shows your 


You can even send us the expressions that always come out when your parents “DO” ETHIOPIAN    But, our favorites, ወይ ጉድ እናንተ ልጆች* and, the short but effective, ዋ** are already taken!

So HURRY and email in your entry to the Contact Us link below or 

Prizes will be given out during the event on March 9th!

Haven’t got your tickets? Use the BUY TICKETS NOW link above.

You have to be at the event to win! 


*Wey Guud, Enanteh Lijoch                                                                                                                         

** WAAA                                                                                                                                                                 

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